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<h3>We Help Solve Our Clients' Problems:</h3>

We Help Solve Our Clients' Problems:

My financial picture is too confusing.

Our retirement accounts need to improve.

I need both legal and tax advice.

I need help choosing prudent investments.

<h3>We Answer Our Clients' Questions:</h3>

We Answer Our Clients' Questions:

Will I outlive my money?

How safe are my investments?

Do I need a Trust?

When can I afford to retire?

<h3>We Serve All Estate Planning Needs of Our Clients:</h3>

We Serve All Estate Planning Needs of Our Clients:

We strive to educate our clients on financial matters. At PAS, we strive to improve the lives of our clients. PAS can design a complete income program for retirement. With our estate planning attorney and CPA, we can help in all financial matters.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Independent Financial Group nor its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

You Financial Goals Deserve Professional Advice!

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